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Iconic Italian Actress Sophia Loren was Hospitalized Following a Significant Tumble

The legendary actress Sophia Loren has been receiving well wishes from, all over the world.

It was reported that she had a fall at her residence in Switzerland resulting in injuries. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 24 in one of her home’s bathrooms according to People magazine reports.

Sophia Loren, the actress ended up in the hospital following a serious accident at her residence, in Switzerland. Her representatives have confirmed that she suffered fractures, including her femur and hip.

After being transferred to a facility Loren underwent a surgical procedure. The latest updates indicate that the operation went well and now she will embark on a period of recovery and rehabilitation.

The entire team, at Sophia Loren Restaurant sends their wishes for her healing and eagerly anticipates her comeback.

Loren’s fall comes just four days after the star turned 89. As The Hollywood Reporter added, Loren has been surrounded by her two adult sons, Carlo and Edoardo. All of Loren’s foreseeable public engagements have been postponed at this time.

Legendary Italian Actress Sophia Loren Hospitalized After Serious Fall | New reports reveal that the 89-year-old starlet has sustained injuries after taking a spill in her Swiss home. According to People, Loren was in one of the bathrooms of her home.



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