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A woman conceals herself under the bed to secretly observe her husband.

A frustrated woman found herself distressed again when her husband arrived home late.

Feeling overwhelmed, by the situation she decided to leave a message expressing her dissatisfaction and announcing her departure. To gauge his reaction she hid beneath the bed anxiously waiting for him to arrive.

After a while, the husband finally returned home. She could hear him moving about in the kitchen before making his way into the bedroom. With fixed eyes on him, he approached the dresser. Discovered the note she had left behind. Intrigued he took a moment to add a word of his own to the message.

Without wasting any time he picked up the phone. Made a call. The woman listened intently as he shared his thoughts with someone, at the end of the line; “She’s finally gone… Yes I know it was bound to happen.””I’ll be heading out to meet you. Make sure to wear that nightgown from France.”

The woman felt a wave of sadness as she listened carefully realizing that his words were meant for someone.

A mix of emotions including love and annoyance overwhelmed her as she understood that he was eagerly looking forward to meeting someone to indulge in the same joys they both loved.

As he ended the call and prepared to leave the woman couldn’t hold back her emotions longer. Emerged from her hiding place under the bed. Tears streamed down her face as her frustration reached its breaking point.

A surge of sadness and anger washed over her as she picked up a note desperately seeking some comfort.

Her eyes scanned the message left by her husband revealing the truth; “I can see your feet. We’re out of bread. I’ll be back, in five minutes.”



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