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Hidden Canine Discovery: A Test of Your Affection for Animals

Have you ever engaged in a game of hide and seek with a canine companion?

Photographer Andrew Knapp certainly has, and it became an online sensation.

During a leisurely game of fetch with his border collie, Momo, amidst the woodland, he managed to capture a moment when the dog discreetly nestled behind some trees.

This intriguing snapshot found its way to Instagram, accompanied by the #findmomo hashtag, and soon, to Andrew’s amazement, a following of 100,000 people emerged, all eager to locate Momo in various surroundings.

Take a stroll through these picture puzzles reminiscent of the “Where’s Waldo?” series, featuring the endlessly patient and enthusiastic border collie from Knapp’s book,

“Find Momo.” Can you spot the cleverly concealed black and white dog in each unique scene?



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