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A Flight Attendant’s Heroic Act

Flying usually brings about a sense of excitement and happiness.

Whether it’s an anticipated vacation or a heartwarming visit the journey signifies joy and eagerness. However, amidst the thrill life can sometimes take a serious turn.

This was the situation, for Sheila Frederick, a flight attendant whose life would be forever altered by an incident during a flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

The Disturbing Presence of an Unfamiliar Passenger

While performing her duties on the plane Sheila noticed something. Sitting next to a gentleman was a girl with blonde hair wearing worn-out clothes.

When their eyes met Sheila could sense that there was something based on the intense look in the girl’s eyes. Trusting her instincts, Sheila approached the man to uncover the mystery behind it all.

A Concerning Message and a Courageous Plan

Upon questioning the man, he became defensive and agitated, leaving Sheila with a strong suspicion that there was more to the situation than met the eye.

In response, she devised a plan to offer assistance. Sheila discreetly placed a pen and paper in the restroom, hoping the young girl would come across it if she needed help. She then discreetly signaled to the girl to visit the restroom and anxiously awaited her return.

The Life-Altering Note

Sheila advised the girl to use the restroom, and her heart raced with anticipation. When she finally got her hands on the note left for the girl, she was confronted with a chilling message: “I require assistance.”

Sheila wasted no time alerting the authorities, recognizing the girl’s imminent danger. Upon landing, the police were prepared to apprehend the person responsible for the girl’s ordeal.

Revealing the Unseen

The young girl, 14 years old was taken by force. Became a victim of human trafficking just two months ago. She endured suffering during this time. Sheila’s quick thinking and actions were crucial, in rescuing her and capturing the trafficker

The Impact of Awareness

Sheila’s bravery was not an isolated incident. For instance, Airline Ambassadors International trains flight attendants to identify signs of human trafficking. These vigilant attendants actively combat this heinous crime by collaborating with the US Customs and Border Patrol.

Following her 2011 incident, Sheila joined forces with Airline Ambassadors and gained the knowledge needed to identify similar situations in the future. “There are numerous warning signs to be vigilant about,” Sheila emphasized.

The Alarming Truth

Sadly according to the United Nations, around 1.2 million children are victims of trafficking every year. This alarming situation affects both boys and girls exposing them to forced labor, sexual exploitation and even being coerced into becoming child soldiers. These appalling crimes require attention and decisive action.

Thanks, to Sheila’s vigilance and determination a young girl was saved from danger. Let us commend her bravery and acknowledge the unwavering dedication of all flight attendants who tirelessly combat trafficking. Share this article to raise awareness and join forces in confronting this issue we have the ability to make a significant impact.



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