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Bruce Willis’ Spouse Unveils the Truth About His Dementia in Four Stark Words – and It’s as Feared

At the age of 68, Bruce Willis is confronting the most challenging battle of his life.

His wife, Emma, has now disclosed the harsh reality of his dementia with four blunt words… and it’s proving quite overwhelming for us.

Bruce Willis decided to retire from acting a year explaining that he was facing challenges, in remembering lines and experiencing a decline in his health. His family publicly shared the news of his retirement attributing it to aphasia, a condition that affects communication skills.

Subsequently, Bruce chose to step from life and was later diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Rumer Willis, Bruce’s daughter expressed gratitude for the support and love they received after revealing his diagnosis.

She also provided an update on his condition mentioning that they now have a diagnosis; frontotemporal dementia (FTD).

“While this doesn’t lessen the pain, having an understanding and knowledge of what Bruce is going through makes it somewhat more manageable.”

Emma discussed the support and assistance she receives from Demi and Bruce’s daughters, stating, “Transparency and honesty define our household. It was essential to clarify the nature of the illness and to expound upon its characteristics, as understanding the medical aspects makes it all the more manageable.

I am committed to eliminating any stigma or shame linked to their father’s diagnosis or any form of dementia.

Our lives are filled with countless beautiful moments. It’s imperative for me to shift my focus from grief and sorrow to embrace the positive elements that surround us. Bruce would want us to relish the joy of the present, a sentiment he wished for both me and our family.

He remains an enduring source of love, patience, and resilience… For me, stepping into this role is unfamiliar territory, but it embodies the essence of Bruce’s legacy.” Our thoughts and prayers are with Bruce Willis and his family, with hopes for the best possible outcome. We kindly encourage you to SHARE this article with your family and friends on Facebook.



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