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Comedian Sonali Chandra Opens Up About Her Journey as a 36-Year-Old Virgin

In life, there are numerous situations that don’t necessitate rushing, such as responding to that person from high school who messaged us on Facebook three weeks ago or completing the book we intended to read over the summer.

One aspect that unmistakably lacks a deadline is the choice to maintain our virginity. Nonetheless, a comedian has candidly shared her encounters of being a virgin at the age of 36.

Furthermore, Sonali Chandra has only experienced kisses, with a total of five individuals in her life. Like others, this comedian was raised in a household in the United States where intimacy was considered a sacred bond reserved for marriage.

However, her family has now reached a point where they are encouraging her to take a leap in her life. Despite this Chandra remains resolute in her decision to engage intimately with a man who’s committed, to a long-term partnership. As expected this choice has presented its set of challenges for her.

During a Truly TV interview Chandra, who also works as a business manager shared her experiences. She mentioned that it was when she turned 26 that she first disclosed her virginity to a man.

The man, who happened to be my first kiss and my initial serious relationship, was astounded. He was left in disbelief and asked if I intended to remain a virgin indefinitely.

On her 27th birthday, she realized that her boyfriend had essentially disappeared from her life after their conversation – a distressing pattern that unfortunately repeated itself.

Chandra mentioned, “Whenever these men have vanished, it has put me through an emotional ordeal. It’s painful and gives me the impression that men only see me as a means for physical intimacy.”

She expressed, “I consider physical intimacy as something sacred and special. Moreover Chandra expressed her preference, for using the term “making love” of “s*x.”

She explained that she would only be ready for intimacy when she receives a commitment from someone she believes is “the one.” In an interview, the comedian also mentioned having been, in three relationships and having dated nine men in total.

Nonetheless, her “strict upbringing” has profoundly impacted her dating life as she “was not allowed to socialize, and dating was firmly discouraged.” She now employs dating apps and has even appeared on television dating programs.

Nevertheless, she remains unwavering in her decision to reject an arranged marriage. She remarked, “I don’t want my parents making decisions about my intimate life – we don’t discuss that aspect.”



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