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Mrs. Parks Poses an Unexpected Question to Her Class with a Hilarious Twist

In a cozy, well-illuminated 6th-grade classroom, Mrs. Parks, the amiable science educator, decided to deliver an unconventional yet enlightening lesson to her pupils.

She leaned in and asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, “Class, can anyone inform me about a particular human body part that expands to ten times its regular size when stimulated?”

A silence fell upon the room as the young minds grappled with confusion. This was an unexpected query for a science lesson, and the students exchanged bewildered looks, uncertain about how to respond.

It was Mary, renowned for her outspoken nature, who decided to step forward. With a determined demeanor, she spoke to her teacher, saying, “Mrs. Parks, you shouldn’t pose such a question to sixth-graders! I’m going to tell my parents, and they will probably report this to the principal, who will have no choice but to take some action against you!”

Mrs. Parks, staying calm and composed with a patient smile, repeated her question, “Now, class, can anyone tell me which body part enlarges to ten times its size when stimulated?” Mary’s eyes widened in disbelief at Mrs. Parks’ persistence in pursuing this unconventional line of inquiry.

She whispered to her classmates, a mix of shock and concern in her voice, “Oh, she’s going to get into trouble!” Mrs. Parks addressed the class once more, encouragingly inquiring, “Anyone?” despite the commotion and her determination to proceed with the lesson.

The room remained still, as the students hesitated to provide an answer, worried about the potential consequences if they misunderstood again. Cautiously, they held onto their silence.

There was a student named Billy who was quite shy but always worked hard in Mrs. Park’s class. Suddenly he stood up from his seat and his face slightly reddened due, to nervousness. In a trembling voice, he shared,

“The pupil is the part of the eye that expands ten times its size when stimulated.” The whole classroom felt relieved as the standing question was finally answered. Mrs. Parks could not hide her pride and appreciation, for Billy’s contribution as she rewarded him with a smile and praised him by saying, “Job, Billy.

Mrs. Parks then directed her attention to young Mary, who had been at the center of the entire incident. With a playful gleam in her eye, she continued, “As for you, young lady, I have three things to convey: First, you have quite an imaginative mind. Second, you overlooked your assigned homework. And third, someday, you might encounter some rather unexpected disappointments.”



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