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Lady dreading for life after Jet2 wouldn’t quit selling daiquiris on trip despite strawberry sensitivity

A lady was left dreading for her life after a carrier wouldn’t quit selling strawberry daiquiris on her flight, regardless of her extreme strawberry sensitivity.

Chloe Fitzpatrick, 24, was going to Ibiza for a four-day young ladies’ vacation on 18 August, having set off from Manchester Air terminal with her 27-year-old sister Lucy.

Fitzpatrick, who experiences an extreme airborne strawberry sensitivity, said she felt ‘victimized’ when the lodge team supervisor wouldn’t quit selling food and drink items on board that might have sent her into anaphylactic shock.

She said she informed staff about her sensitivity as she boarded Рrequesting ros̩ wine, strawberry daiquiris, natural product pastilles and Haribo desserts to not be sold Рguaranteeing the methodology had been acknowledged already by different aircrafts.

In any case, Jet2 say their agreements express that a serious sensitivity ought to be made mindful to the group at the hour of booking and, in this occurrence, this didn’t occur.

All things being equal, lodge group made a declaration to advise travelers regarding her sensitivity, asking them not to devour strawberry items on the plane, however Fitzpatrick says Jet2 kept on selling the things from the food streetcar.

Fitzpatrick, from Read in Lancashire, said: “On the off chance that I had a response, I’d go into anaphylactic shock and my aviation routes would begin shutting and could pass on.

“I was unable to try and go to the latrines on the flight since I might have been encircled by strawberry items that could make me genuinely sick or might have killed me.



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