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Woman Generates Income by Leasing Her ‘Skilled’ Spouse at $45 per Hour

Laura initiated their handyman enterprise in the middle of 2022, but it’s no ordinary handyman business.

Laura has been offering James, her husband, for rent, with his handyman expertise at £40 per hour since January 2022, and their schedule is packed until November. In fact, they’ve had to decline job offers due to an overflow of customers.

It all began after Laura tuned into a podcast featuring a man who earned income by assembling furniture for others. A thought struck her – her husband possesses a broader skillset, including furniture construction, carpentry, installation, and more.

So, why not give it a try? Laura discussed the idea with James, who was enthusiastic, and they promptly launched “Hire My Skilled Husband.” Initially, Laura promoted James’ services on Facebook and the Nextdoor app.

After their inquiry, they started receiving requests, from individuals living up to 150 miles (240 km) away. Their business is undoubtedly thriving. In fact, it has been so successful that James was able to leave his job and dedicate himself fully to the business.

This change has given him time with his wife and three children, two of whom have been diagnosed with autism. What is more incredible is that James himself received an autism diagnosis four years ago which has only intensified his passion, for construction and building.

“He has a mindset and possesses exceptional talent in finding innovative solutions. He sees things from a perspective ” Laura shared while describing her husband.

Because of his love for construction, James has taken on various projects in their own home. Now, it’s time to extend this service to others’ residences. Laura handles marketing and bookings, while James manages the actual jobs, which have encompassed a wide array, including flat-pack assembly, crafting dining tables, kitchen installations, pantry construction, trampoline assembly in various sizes, home improvements, and more. They even offer gardening services. It’s quite apparent that James is a versatile handyman!

This venture is undoubtedly a lifesaver for clients who lack the time to tackle these tasks themselves. Laura and James remain astounded by the success they’ve achieved. They’re profoundly thankful because it has given them more quality family time. In the past, James worked night shifts, leaving Laura as the sole caregiver during the evenings.

However, things have changed now that James is present at night. Given their shared experience, they also provide discounts to individuals aged 65 and above, NHS and emergency service personnel, individuals with disabilities, and caregivers. “We comprehend the challenges faced by parents of special needs children. We’ve experienced financial difficulties and the need to save money,” Laura shared.



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