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To “save” her guardian from the questioners, Eleanor intrudes on the discussion.

Elephant Faa Mai was brought into the world in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park and has been raised by Le.

Faa Mai is very defensive of her human mother, whom she loves. This video impeccably catches her commitment to Lea.

In the initial scene of this peak, Le is being addressed by a TV team, during which she explains on her horrendous encounters in the field.


Faa Mai seems as though she’s simply chilling behind the scenes with the remainder of her crowd, yet that is not the situation by any stretch of the imagination! She is acting dubiously the entire time, safeguarding her mom from risk on account of outsiders in dark dress.

In the wake of showing restraint for such a long time, Faa Mai at last surrenders and chooses to determine the status of Le. She splits from the gathering to interfere with Le’s meeting and keep an eye on her wellbeing.

Then, at that point, in an expressive signal, she folds her arm over Le as she orders Le’s consideration. What an entertaining blockhead!

Le is very much aware of Faa Mai’s fanatical way of behaving in light of the fact that the elephant “can’t stand it” at whatever point Le shows worry for anybody other than herself. Then, similar to a decent mother, Le whisks Faa Mai back to the shed, advising the group to stop the meeting so she might watch out for her tremendous idd.

Watch the video underneath to see Faa Mai interfere with her guardian’s meeting in a fanatical bid for consideration.



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