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Should Watch! Michael Jackson’s mysterious child Brandon Howard stands up after the DNA TEST demonstrates there’s a 99.9% opportunity he is Michael Jackson’s Child!

I surmise Billie Jean was correct, the youngster is his child. The consequences of a DNA test show that Michael Jackson is the dad of vocalist Brandon Howard, who is 31.

Taking a gander at the photograph the vocalist seems to be the late pop symbol.
My sibling Jackson got away from the inn WITHOUT A Head protector! “We are enthusiastically anticipating the result” – Pudelek

Michael Jackson’s sibling didn’t pay for an inn in Warsaw – o2.

Howard Brandon.

The performer, whose stage name is Brandon Howard, involved a dental engraving for a DNA test, and the outcomes showed a 99.9 percent match to the “Thrill ride” singer.

A dental specialist from Beverly Slopes has approached with the implied discoveries, stating that he had the option to gather a DNA test from a dental thing that had a place with Michael Jackson and had been obtained by him at a bartering.

Howard intends to sue for Michael Jackson’s domain and made a Facebook video denying reports that he assented to the DNA test.

Miki Howard was a notable gospel vocalist, and Michael developed close with her child, Howard. She embraced the moniker “Billy” in 1982. A year from that point onward, Michael dropped the crush single.



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