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Non-verbal communication master uncovers truth behind Taylor Quick’s “fascinating way of behaving” at Super Bowl

They’re the current ‘It’ couple who have found their names in media titles for pretty much a portion of a year, and it seems like the Lokomotiv that is Taylor Quick and Travis Kelce will not be dialing back at any point shortly.

The couple’s blooming relationship has stayed in the public eye throughout recent months, helped to a great extent by Quick’s normal appearances at NFL games to watch the Kansas City Bosses.

This previous end of the week the Bosses won the Super Bowl in sensational style through an additional time triumph against the San Francisco 49ers. The occasion gave Quick and Kelce a fantasy second post-match, with the couple seen nestling and kissing after the last option lifted the Lombardi Prize.

A specialist has supposedly said something regarding the couple’s common non-verbal communication, reaching the resolution that neither Taylor nor Travis are hesitant to participate openly shows of friendship.

It ought to shock no one that everyone’s eyes went to the couple after the Kansas City Bosses got their fourth-at any point Super Bowl title on Sunday. Late bits of hearsay had even recommended that Kelce could propose to Quick should his group demonstrate successful, and while that wasn’t on the cards, the two were seen embracing and kissing in festival.

Kelce even played out his own interpretation of Viva Las Vegas after the game, while Taylor advanced down onto the pitch close by the football star’s mother, Donna.

After Donna had her own unique second with her child, the Bosses tight end then directed his concentration toward his better half, telling Quick: “Come here, child.”

A brain science master was close by to examine the non-verbal communication of the pair during and after the occasion, reaching the determination that they share a “veritable relationship” with each other (in opposition to existing paranoid fears that their sentiment is only to look good).

“I had one or two doubts of this relationship in the beginning phases, but since she is so full on now, with her feelings, I think this is a genuine relationship,” master Darren Stanton made sense of.

“She’s by and large evident and reliable in her feelings and sentiments towards Travis. This isn’t a PR stunt, this is a veritable relationship.”

That, yet Stanton likewise tended to the possibility that Quick showed up more open to showing love before the world than Kelce was. The master guarded Kelce, recommending that the tight end was basically partaking in his “second”.

“From a non-verbal point of view, maybe she’s more into him, or she’s substantially more OK with public presentations of fondness than he is,” Stanton said.

“By the day’s end, this is his second, this is what’s genuinely going on with his profession. This is the main evening of his life; she ought to grasp that too.”

“She has her arms folded over him totally, it’s very emotional, she seems, by all accounts, to be very close to home here – it’s extremely intriguing way of behaving.”



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