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Michael Jackson’s dad affirmed star had ‘a third child’

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s dad, later checked bits of hearsay that his child had a “secret child” from before several’s kids were conceived. Paris Jackson has since talked about her relationship with her “senior sibling” freely.

As soon as the year 2000, bits of hearsay began circling that Michael Jackson had fathered a second youngster during the ’80s. The Oslo-based Norwegian family invited their child, Omer Bhatti, into the world in 1984. Omer and his family evacuated from Oslo and made a beeline for California, USA, to take some work with the Jackson family in the wake of investing energy with Michael. On February 21, 2002, Cover Jackson was conceived, and Omer’s mom Pia Bhatti was utilized as a caretaker for her.

Ingesting too much a blend of meds recommended by Michael’s primary care physician prompted his demise on June 25, 2009.

Joe Jackson, Michael’s dad, essentially affirmed his child’s relationship with Omer barely a month after the fact, in July 2009.

As Joe addressed television One about Omer, he attested, “Indeed, I realized he had another child, yes I did.”

Omer, who was 25 years of age at that point, would be invited into the Jackson family in the event that their familial relationship could be laid out, as per Michael’s sibling Jermaine Jackson prior around the same time.

“Assuming Omer’s his child, he’s his child,” he told The Everyday Mail. Nothing will be denied.

Very much as we accomplish for Sovereign, Paris, and Cover, we will give him love and consideration. I saw this youngster with him, however I can’t say without a doubt that he is Michael’s.

As a kid, Omer would profess to be Michael Jackson and assume the part of a youthful impersonator.

Michael, he added later, “took on” him.

Yet, Pia, his mom, “denied” that the Ruler of Pop was his dad.

Everybody in the family, not simply Joe and Jermaine, greeted Omer wholeheartedly.



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