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Lady Who Burned through $120k Changing Her Body Offers Photograph Of Herself Before Change

Note: we are republishing this story, which initially made the news in October 2020.

Golden Luke, a Brisbane body change fan, posted a previously unheard of photograph of herself before she went through a $120,000 head to toe change.

Luke burned through $50,000 on around 600 tattoos, including having blue ink infused into her eyeballs in a brief system that dazed her for a very long time.

She likewise burned through $70,000 on different outrageous body changes including cheek and lip fillers, tongue split, pointed inserts in her ears, bosom expansion, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Luke, a self-depicted “blue eyed white mythical beast young lady,” posted an image of herself before the outrageous makeover, when she just had a statement tattoo on her collarbone and a minuscule puncturing on her cheekbone.

“No face tattoos, simply a dermal [piercing],” she subtitled the Instagram Story. “We’ve all got to begin some place.”

She posted one more photograph of her 18 year old self, shaking an uncovered face and statements along her ribs.



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