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John Schneider pummels Beyoncé’s new down-home tune and looks at her as a peeing canine – this is the reason

The Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider seems to have unmistakable inclinations toward Beyoncé’s endeavor into bluegrass music.

In a meeting with the traditional One American News Organization, Schneider dispatches a blistering assault on Beyoncé, going all in his analysis.

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Last week, the 63-year-old entertainer got started up over Beyoncé’s fans’ craving to have one of her new melodies, “Texas Hold Them,” played on a down home music radio broadcast in Oklahoma.

As Schneider plunked down to converse with OANN have Alison Steinberg, the team talked about the nation type and how it has been changing over time.

“The lefties in media outlets actually would let any region be, isn’t that so? They simply need to hold onto command over each viewpoint, don’t they?” Steinberg said while conversing with Schneider.

Beyoncé dunking her toes into blue grass music is like “a canine peeing on a tree” to stamp her region, as per Schneider.

The entertainer answered, “They must do something worth remembering, very much like a canine in a canine walk park. You know, each canine needs to stamp each tree, correct? So that is what’s happening here.”

As per him, craftsmen like the 32-time Grammy champ ought to adhere to their standard classifications and try not to wander into down home music. In any case, the inquiry remains whether Schneider has heard everything yet – Beyoncé is set to deliver another collection on Walk 29, 2024, named Renaissance: Act II.

Fans guess that it very well may be a finished blue grass collection.

While Schneider could have done without what he had heard from Beyoncé, he talked all the more extensively about the convergence of popular stars wandering into blue grass music.

For example, specialists like Post Malone and Lana Del Rey are additionally reputed to be keen on investigating the well known class. With roughly 76 million Americans appreciating down home music week by week, nothing unexpected large name specialists should take advantage of this huge fan base and widen their allure. Thus, Schneider’s position mirrors a more extensive worry inside the down home music local area about the impact of pop on the class.

Some might find it abnormal that Schneider is standing up on this issue, yet the truth of the matter is, he has significant involvement with the universe of down home music. Thinking back to the ’80s, he transformed the business with nine studio collections, a biggest hits bundle, and eighteen singles.

Among these deliveries were hits like “I’ve Been Around Enough to Be aware,” “Cowgirls,” “What’s a Memory Like You,” and “You’re the Last Thing I Really wanted This evening,” all of which arrived at the highest point of the Bulletin country singles graphs. He actually performs, and in 2023, Schneider partook in season ten of The Veiled Artist as “Doughnut”.

The brutal words about Beyoncé have not slipped through the cracks, obviously. Enthusiasts of the pop star were not completely satisfied with Schneider’s comments. A large number of them marked him ‘bigot and scornful’ for contrasting Beyoncé with a peeing canine.

Some of them took to X, previously Twitter, to offer their viewpoint.

“Down home music was made by dark people,” one fan brought up.

“Cross overs are not new. Paul McCartney delivered a down home melody quite a while back (Nation Visionary and Sally G)… even the Stones had a colossal nation impact (Dead Blossoms Far Away Eyes) so don’t comprehend this is about Beyonce except if this is on the grounds that she’s… .,” someone else composed.

“Envision gatekeeping a classification of music that individuals of color made, envision flying off the handle that a southern craftsman from Texas chose to return to her underlying foundations. BTW This isn’t her most memorable nation song!!,” one fan added.

The comments made by John Schneider about Beyoncé’s endeavor into blue grass music have without a doubt started a discussion among fans and onlookers the same. What is your take? Go ahead and share your considerations in the remark segment on Facebook!



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