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Colin Kaepernick is Jobless, Poor, and Freeloading from Previous Colleagues

Colin Kaepernick’s recent journey has been fraught with setbacks. Over the past year, he faced rejection from all 32 NFL teams, was dropped by Nike, and even lost his coaching job at a high school in Minnesota.

But his troubles extend beyond professional setbacks. Reports suggest that Kaepernick has fallen on hard times, losing everything he once had and struggling to secure any form of employment or endorsement. His situation has become so dire that he’s reportedly been “staying with friends” just to get by.

Former Forty-Niners Left Tackle, Joe Barron, shed light on Kaepernick’s current living situation, revealing that the ex-quarterback has been crashing on his couch for months. However, Barron expressed frustration at Kaepernick’s penchant for watching excessive amounts of “Rick and Morty,” which he finds tedious.

Additionally, Kaepernick’s indulgence in fast food has led to significant weight gain, with Barron mentioning a Burger King employee who provides him with free meals. It seems Kaepernick has been relying on the generosity of others, with teammates expressing similar grievances about his freeloading tendencies and bad habits.

While some teammates chose to remain anonymous, they didn’t hold back in criticizing Kaepernick’s behavior, citing issues like leaving the toilet seat up and excessive marijuana use. One friend lamented how Kaepernick’s boredom without weed led him to pilfer theirs.

The narrative around Kaepernick’s downfall often ties back to his controversial kneeling during the national anthem, a gesture perceived by some as disrespectful to the troops. Despite the challenges he faces, the story of Kaepernick serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of taking a stand for one’s beliefs in a polarized society.



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