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$200 Only For One Evening – Humor

A person asked a young lady in the library.

“Would you care if I sit alongside you?”

The young lady replied with a boisterous voice.

“I would rather not go through the night with you.”

Every one of the understudies in the library began gazing at the fellow and he was humiliated.

Following two or three minutes, the young lady strolled discreetly to the person’s table and told him.

“I concentrate on brain research and I can read a man’s mind. I suppose you felt humiliated, right?”

The person answered with a noisy voice.

“$200 only for one evening? That is excessively”

And every one individuals in the library took a gander at the young lady in shock and the kid murmured in her ears.

I concentrate on regulation and I know how to make somebody liable.”



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