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17-Month-Old “Astounding Moving Baby” Shows His Moves to ‘You Are My Daylight’

I love watching little children dance in broad daylight. There’s only something about their moves that is so liberating to everybody watching, maybe they’re saying, “Hello, if I can do this, you can as well.”

This video shows a kid who’s been named “Hayes, the Astounding Moving Little child.” Since his grandma Michele Theriault-Reynolds is the videographer, she’s most likely the person who gave him that epithet. Be that as it may, it’s suitable given his moving ability.

Hayes is just 17 months old however he’s surely been acquiring and rehearsing his moving abilities.

The video was taken at the Dunnville Ranchers’ Market in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada in April 2022. The vocalist is Victor Morgado, a nearby entertainer, who clearly knows how to satisfy his moving clients.

He’s singing “You Are My Daylight,” an exemplary American people tune that was first kept during the 1930s. The tune really has an intriguing history: the first initiation is fairly questioned, however it is for the most part credited to Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell. Jimmie Davis, a blue grass music vocalist and later legislative head of Louisiana, kept the tune in 1940 and it turned into a hit.

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